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Memory Hack

by Alisa Princy (2020-01-31)

One must remember that Memory Hack Review the pattern we are talking about is of the condition a person has, not of the person himself or herself. Good Nutrition: Eat a variety of foods of different colors without a lot of added ingredients or processes. Add some cold-water fish to diet (tuna, salmon, mackerel, halibut, sardines, and herring) which contain omega-3 fatty acids. Learn what a portion-size is, so you don't overeat. Try to eat more foods low on the Glycemic Index. If you can only do one thing, eat more vegetables, particularly leafy green ones. Stress Management: Get regular cardiovascular exercise. Try to get enough sleep each night. Keep connected with your friends and family. Practice meditation, yoga, or some other calming activity as way to take a relaxing time-out (maybe a bath). Try training with a heart rate variability sensor, like the one in emWave (formerly known as Freeze-Framer). All of life's struggles have a purpose. When you enter a storm in your life and you recover from it, you are being prepared to help others when they enter that same storm in their lives. You gain wisdom from your experience and are truly able to offer help. We learn through our own struggles and defeats that we can be uniquely useful people. That is, we can help others when perhaps the ones who has not had our experience could not be of help to them. This makes us uniquely useful. We are a very unique group of people because we take our own greatest defeat and failures and use it as a means of helping others. We who have been through the same thing are the ones who can best help others. Are you having problems accepting your struggles? Change your beliefs, believe this time in your life has a purpose and focus on learning from it. Stand firm and face the struggles and defeats. First accept them for what they are, then take action to get help for them. Their is nothing wrong with asking and getting help, this does not make you a weak person only a stronger and more useful person. There is no reason to go through your storm alone, all this does is prolongs the suffering and the wisdom that you will gain from your experience. Remember that every difficulty, every trail, every failure has it's purpose, find your purpose.