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Meridian Health Protocol

by Alisa Princy (2020-01-29)

Symptoms of Alzheimer's Meridian Health Protocol Review disease At first the person may suffer minor memory loss such as where they parked in the parking lot, a phone number, or someone's name. Later on they may experience other symptoms such as being unaware of what day it is, completely lost wherever they go, cannot remember vital information, has trouble figuring out the words they wish to speak, cannot perform regular tasks that they have been performing for years such as dressing themselves, preparing their meals, running their house as they have always done. Symptoms may be light at first and they may experience all or just one or two of these symptoms but over time they do get worse and eventually the person is dependent on care around the clock. Someone who is suffering from symptoms of Alzheimer's disease may forget the names of those around them that they love. This is very hurtful to those around them but they must remember that this is not deliberate it is the disease that robs them of their mind. Currently there are medications available that can slow down the process of Alzheimer's disease and how it affects the brain. You will need to talk to your doctor to find out if medication is an alternative yet. Medication may postpone the person's mental status until it cannot work any longer. Helping the person out can make a difference in how fast Alzheimer's progresses in that person. It's important to face it and deal with it head on so you can enjoy all the time that you have with them now. At home you can keep things going as routine as possible. Constantly set up reminders of family and paste their names in the pictures around the frame. Label rooms in the home to familiarize them as they start to forget. Keep a journal and have your loved one keep a journal as long as they can. This keeps the brain active and helps to document how they are feeling. It is a great way to deal with everything. While they are still able to make rational decisions make sure that everything is taken care of such as their power of attorney, a living will, and someone to help take care of them.