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Joint N-11

by Regina Fancy (2020-01-28)

Have a "toolbox." There are some goals, like losing Joint N-11 Review weight or becoming more active, that take a long, concentrated effort and will show their benefits in the long-term. And then there are those goals that are different; they teach you a technique or strategy that can be applied as the situation allows. A technique that you can use on a as needed basis would be something like learning a stretch that helps to loosen tight joint. You can put this into your "toolbox" where it will be ready to use any time you need it and as you learn more pain-management techniques, you can put them into your toolbox. You might have to think about reaching into your toolbox to use these methods, but over time you'll start to use these techniques and strategies instinctively as you need them. The very first step in setting your goals is to ask yourself the following questions: What do I enjoy doing? What do I feel that I'm capable of doing? What do I honestly feel I can commit to doing? After you've thought about your answers to these questions, write your goals with the following things in mind: Make your goals realistic. Make your goals specific and measurable. Identify barriers that may interfere with your goals and how you could work around them. Identify the resources that will be necessary and determine if they are available. When you have done all this and you've decided on a goal, write your goal down on paper. List the specific goal, what you'll do to accomplish it, all the resources you will need to accomplish it, all the possible obstacles, and the ways you will work around those obstacles. These are all important first steps that you should strive for.