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Manifestation Magic

by Regina Fancy (2020-01-28)

Courage is also keeping your humor alive even when Manifestation Magic Review life is kicking you in the gut. Living life is just a series of courageous behaviors that we consistently demonstrate through our self leadership skills.So what behaviors do we look for when we think of courage or being courageous? Humor is one behavior. Having humor coupled with enthusiasm sustains our courage. We grow forward with an authentic smile on our face.Another behavior is taking the right action. Courage to change demands a result. However, sometimes by not taking action this is the right action because the focus is on the desired end result. When individuals are courageous, their actions are selective and reflect what I believe is a higher level of emotional intelligence.Tenacity is another observable behavior. Never giving up, keeping at it, making those dreaded cold calls are all examples of courageous behavior.So, grab your H.A.T. (Humor, Action and Tenacity) and give yourself credit for being more courageous than you realized as you walk the road to success. For living life today still demands courage even though the behaviors may be different from yesteryear. Are you ready to move up another rung of the success ladder? Here are two basic principles to support you in getting there.