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Power Efficiency Guide

by Regina Fancy (2020-01-27)

Solar power is probably the more recognizable of Power Efficiency Guide Review the two. Solar panels have been on rooftops for many years. While it is an effective energy source, it does have its drawbacks. One of the biggest, and most obvious, is that no matter how sunny your climate is you still have night, and you won't be generating any energy for at least 10 hours every single day.Wind energy can be converted to electricity by using a wind turbine to gather and convert that energy into electricity.When I say wind turbine you might immediately picture a huge windmill, but now, thanks to advances in technology, you can get an efficient turbine that will be small enough to fit on your roof or in your backyard and still save a lot on your utility bills.Turbines can work day or night but they do need an open area so they can get a steady supply of wind.For many people a combination of wind and solar power may be the best way to go. By combining both you can fully utilize the most weather conditions: if it's night time you can get energy from your turbine, and if it's a calm sunny day you can get energy from your solar panels.The bottom line is that the technology exists to convert solar power and wind power into electricity on a scale small enough for you to use for your home energy needs.