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Clear Nails Plus

by Alisa Princy (2020-01-23)

Treatment Options for Clear Nails Plus Review Ingrown Nails Your podiatrist can help diagnose the ingrown toenail based on the symptoms reported and physical examination of the toe. Your doctor will examine the nail and the surrounding skin in order to determine an effective treatment. Ingrown toenail treatment options may include: Lifting the nail. This process is conducted for a mild ingrown nail that is causing discomfort around the nail bed and surrounding fleshy tissue. Redness and pain may be experienced but no discharge. Your doctor may use cotton and a dental floss type string to slide under the edge of the nail in order to separate the nail from the skin that is overlying. The procedure helps the nail grow out and away from the skin. Partial removal of the nail. Partially removing the nail is reserved for extreme or slightly more extreme ingrown toenails where there is pain, redness and pus. Your doctor may cut and get rid of the ingrown part of the nail in order to relieve pressure and discomfort. Before the procedure is carried out, your doctor may numb the area temporarily to reduce any discomfort through the process. An anesthetic may be injected into the toe region. Removal of the entire nail and tissue. For recurrent ingrown toenails and the most extreme cases, your doctor may recommend the removal of the entire toenail or s significant portion of the nail along with the underlying tissue (known as the nail bed). This will prevent the portion of the nail that continues to become ingrown entirely and keep it from growing back. The procedure can be done using a chemical, laser or other methods. Valley Foot Surgeons serves the Phoenix and Scottsdale Arizona metropolitan area with an experienced and modern foot doctor Phoenix trusts. Cold feet is a condition that develops due to poor circulation in feet and toes associated with increased sensitivity to cold. In low temperatures the small arteries supplying the feet narrow down, which decreases the flow of blood and oxygen to the blood vessels.