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Hair Revital X

by Regina Fancy (2020-01-21)

Of course, if you still have somewhat of a hair cover... Hair Revital X Review perhaps a common "bald spot" or receding hair line in which the hair follicles seem to be under-producing but not completely dead, then your hair loss products for men options are certainly more plentiful The only two hair loss products for men which are FDA Approved to fight male-pattern baldness are finasteride (Propecia) and minoxidil (Rogaine). Both of these treatments are also available in various generic forms, which can save users quite a bit of money over the course of their hair restoration. Finasteride works by inhibiting the formation of DHT in the bloodstream. If you're unfamiliar with DHT, it is short for dihydrotestosterone, a male sex hormone that can wreak havoc on not only our hair follicles, but our prostate glands as well! Of course, that's another discussion. As far as hair loss is concerned, DHT makes its way into our scalp and binds itself to the hair follicles. It then begins to slowly choke the follicles off from the scalp's blood supply. Initially, this manifests itself as thinning hair. But eventually, the hair follicle will die and total baldness will commence. Again, finasteride's effect on DHT production will only benefit you if your follicles are still in the "dying" phase and aren't completely dead. While finasteride boasts up to an 83% success rate, it also comes with a potential risk of serious side effects. Many men have relied on a natural alternative, saw palmetto, to achieve similar results without the potential dangers associated with finasteride. Of all hair loss products for men available today, perhaps the most trusted is minoxidil. For many years, this treatment option has yielded tremendous results for thousands of men everywhere.