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Gaia’s Protocol

by Alisa Princy (2020-01-20)

If you have long or thick Gaia’s Protocol Review hair, a highlight will make you feel like a spaceship lady by the time all the color is applied! These treatments will leave your newly highlighted hair with a wonderful shine. Although a highlight takes longer and costs more than single-process color, the blended effect means you won't get a pronounced line where your gray roots begin. This means far fewer trips to the salon for touching up. Most colorists recommend getting your hair re-highlighted every three months or so, depending on how long your style is, how fast your hair grows, and the colors you've chosen. Do dark circles under the eyes represent more than just the unsightly condition that over 38 million people experience every year? The answer is that most of the time dark circles around or under the eyes do not mean more than what you see other than just the darkness and puffiness. However, there are times that it can mean much more. Here are some of the different things that you may want to check into. Darkness under eyes can mean lack of hydration or low water levels in the body. This lack of hydration has many indicators and the darkness and puffiness under the eyes in one of the more common indicators. They can also indicate that your kidneys are not functioning properly or not at their max levels. This can be checked by a doctor with a simple blood test. The other thing that the puffy eyes or bags under the eyes may indicate is a higher level of sugar of in the body. This high level of sugar in the body can result in both bags under the eyes as well as the dark rings. Below I have listed the basic reasons that most people, both men and women, get the darker circles and bags under and around the eyes. Lack of Sleep Sleep Deprivation is the primary cause of dark under eye circles. The main stage of cell regeneration, when the body repairs damage done, is when you you are sleeping. And remember that you do not have to feel tired for lack of sleep to be the primary cause of the puffy eyes or under eye circles. Whether your mind realizes it or not lack of sleep can cause these problems. The simple solution is to get more sleep. Make it a mandatory part of your life. We suggest 8 hours a night. Remember that your body works in patterns. The body may be used to staying up to all hours of the morning, so you will have to break this pattern. It may take a while to break this pattern.