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Ultra Omega Burn

by Regina Fancy (2020-01-13)

Mind set and Motivation: To achieve any kind of Ultra Omega Burn Review goal you need to have a great mind set and motivation. Think and write down some reasons that are really important to you that would help you decide to make this your year to get healthy. Maybe you are tired of being tired. Maybe you would like to run a marathon someday. Maybe it is because your doctor has told you some frighting news that would get better if you lost weight. It could be to get off all the blood pressure and cholesterol medication. Another reason could be to have more energy to play with the children in your life or even just to look good in that cute little black dress you wore years ago. Whatever it is, think of it or them and write them down. Now that you have written them down make copies and place them all over your house so you can be constantly reminded of your reasons to lose weight. Seeing these reminders on a daily basis will help you remember why you are getting healthier when the going gets tough.Goal setting: Making realistic goals is critical. There are long term goals and short term goals. Make your long term goals first. My long term goal was to lose 50pds in 6 months. I felt that was a good time line for me because if I lost ten pounds a month I would be happy. Make a specific date and write it on the calender.Now for short term goals. Make goals daily and weekly. Daily goals could be to get some form of exercise in or even to make sure that you do not eat right before going to bed. Weekly goals could be to lose 1-5 pounds. Daily goals you can make a mental note or write them down if you are a note taker. Write down weekly goals in an agenda or on the calender. Find what works for you and make your goals attainable. Make them challenging, but something you can achieve.