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by Regina Fancy (2020-01-11)

It's no secret that to have good six pack abs you need Panalean Review to reduce your body fat. The fact is that most people actually have decent six pack abs, the main problem they encounter is that their abs are covered by a layer of fat that makes it impossible to see the abs. How much body fat should I have? If you want your abs to show through, then you need to reduce your body fat. Obviously this is different for men and women. Women should aim for around 6-8% body fat where as men should aim for around 10% body fat. (Men can naturally have more fat on their body than women.) The less belly fat you have, the more defined your abdominal muscles will appear. How do I reduce body fat To reduce body fat can be difficult; you want to aim for a reduction in your daily calorie intake. For instance, in men it is 2500 calories a day and women it's around 1900 calories a day. This will vary based on your height and how much muscle mass you already have. Essentially you need to aim to reduce the total amount of daily calories you eat each day. One way this can be achieved quite easily is with reducing the amount of sugar you consume each day.In addition to reducing calorie intake, you should also aim to increase the amount of exercise you do. In particular, low-intensity exercise which is proven to be better at burning fat than cardio - you see, your body uses carbohydrates as a source of energy when doing high-intensity exercise such as running, cycling or swimming. But your body uses fat as a primary source of energy when you are doing low intensity exercise or tasks, such as typing or walking. For that reason, if you want to reduce tummy fat you should aim to walk at least 30 minutes 5 days a week.