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Meditation In A Bottle

by Alisa Princy (2020-01-10)

Since I could Meditation In A Bottle Review translate the dream messages much better than him, I could also discover the hidden side of the human brain, where the evil and wild anti-conscience, the primitive side of the human conscience, is still alive. Finding scientific proof that I could present to the scientists of our time was very difficult for me. Not because I had not enough scientific knowledge - I read so much and read the same books over and over until I could understand them and know many parts by heart, that I became a scientist like all serious scientists of the human race - but because the information I found about the human brain was based mainly on theories rather than in knowledge and facts. I had to become a scientist, otherwise I would not be able to understand or explain anything to anyone about what I had discovered. My path was very complicated and difficult. This is why I delayed 19 years to present my work to the public: I had to be able to give everyone all the answers. I could not say: "I don't know this part, but I know something else instead..." I had to be able to answer to all questions without any difficulty, before I would dare telling you that I had discovered the cure for schizophrenia, psychosis and all existent mental illnesses through dream interpretation. Yes, I discovered it, not because I became a genius, but because I discovered the wise unconscious mind that is a genius. The discovery of the wisdom and sanctity of the unconscious mind and of the existence of the wild anti-conscience in the human brain represent the end of craziness, violence and despair on Earth, even though today we cannot believe that we will ever get rid of these horrors... When everyone learns how to translate their dreams and verify that they are pure psychotherapy, besides helping them solve all the problems of their lives, from the simplest to the most complex ones, of course everyone will follow the guidance of the unconscious mind and completely eliminate the dangerous anti-conscience, by transforming it into a positive part of the human side of their conscience.