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by Alisa Princy (2019-12-30)

Burning arm pain can Theramine Review happen at work, at home, while playing sports, or while working on your favorite hobbies. When your arm muscles are overworked, you can get intense inflammation in the arm muscles and tendons. When muscles get overworked, your tendons get irritated and inflamed. This is usually where you feel the pain. The pain often shows up at the elbow or shoulder, where the muscle crosses a joint. This is where the tendon is likely to be rubbing across a bony surface, causing the painful inflammation. But there are many self-care practices that can relieve your pain, simply and naturally. For instant relief, you can immediately use basic first aid self-care. Rest Ice Compression Elevation First, stop the activity that is causing the pain. Rest the arm While you are resting it, hold ice (or a cold compress like a gel-pack or bag of frozen peas) on the painful area. Ease the painful area with compression. This can be done by compressing the ice or cold-pack onto the area in pain. Last, elevate the arm. Hold it up, and rest it in a lifted position, to allow the blood-flow to leave the area. These steps will allow the area to cool down and stop working so hard. When the pain has ceased, these two exercises can provide relief. They can give instant relief, and also help the muscles and tissues to heal long-term. Stretch the arms- Focus on the biceps, forearms, elbows, and wrists. For a good biceps stretch, try to straighten the arm. Most biceps stretches aren't done properly because the elbow stays bent. To get a better biceps stretch, pull the shoulder back and keep the elbow taut. Strengthen the triceps and back-posture muscles. If the burning pain is from overworked bicep muscles, then your triceps may be underworked. Try some tricep dips and extensions. However, if the burning pain in your arm is because you strained your triceps, then avoid any tricep-strengthening exercises. This combination of basic first aid and exercises should provide instant relief to overworked arm muscles.