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Ultra Manifestation

by Alisa Princy (2019-12-28)

For most of you, this Ultra Manifestation Review season (the winter) is one of dormancy. It is the perfect time to recapture your energy and to recharge yourself. The solicitude of the winter, as well as the blanket of snow that you may have around you, are reminders to "still" your thoughts and allow the internal ebb and flow of your connectivity to the Higher Power be one with your soul. It is the truth that will have you imbuing the rays of golden light that all people should covet. Most of the time, the general population is ignorant of the fact that it is so readily available. Could you imagine the peace that would befall the earth's surface if all people understood that they could have this contact? War would become non-existent because everyone would be filled with the insatiable amounts of love, riches and joys they are obsessing over. As you sit in quiet reflection, it is valuable to know that you should envision your life as a decanter that is brimming with the love of your earthly angels; who are now in the community of God's angels. It will help you to recall that, with patience, the aspects of what you are striving to receive will come more rapidly. If you are pressing--or trying too hard to impress others--then what you seek usually gets deflected. A soul that is filled with harmony is a soul more likely to magnetize the blessings of the universe. The effort you put forth will always be the solution to securing this union of your physical self with your Higher Self. Why not take some time to let slumbering energies be nurtured into blessed unification? These are The Spoken Words of Spirit. Doing what is right in this age of much decay and lack of regard for what it honest and ethical, if you determine to make decisions based upon truth, rather than the emotions and opinions of the majority, will put you in the category of being considered abnormal and branded as weird. Still, doing what is right should be our primary goal, regardless of what others think or say about it. After all, one day, we will all have to answer to the Higher Power, Almighty God, for every decision we made in this life. Right may mean varied things to different people. However, one thing must be realized and stated for sure: Right is right and wrong is wrong. Right never becomes wrong and wrong never becomes right. There is a righteous standard and it will always remain immortal and established, regardless of what people try to do to change it. Right cannot be changed. And wrong cannot be changed.