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Zenith Detox

by Jerome Princy (2019-12-27)

Trace minerals in zeolite Zenith Detox Review may sound like an attractive feature at first, but consider this. Zeolite in nature is automatically dirty. The crystalline cavities instantly fill with toxins and minerals found in zeolite's immediate environment. Like a dirty sponge, it is full of environmental chemicals. Though these substances bond with the zeolite and may not harm you, they also take up space in the zeolite to make it less effective in removing toxins. Adding minerals to the zeolite adds no natural value and consumes some of the cleaning surface area you could have for toxin removal. Use a zeolite product that is completely clean and pure for best price value. Some zeolite products add humic acid which could prove dangerous to the body. Analysis of these brands often shows the presence of bacteria and fungus. Using a zeolite that has trace minerals or humic acid is ineffective, possibly harmful, not a good idea and not a good price value. Ask for independent lab analysis to verify the contents of the bottle of zeolite. If you are unfamiliar with the whole purification and detox thing here is great little overview. The food we consume and the air we breathe are actually making us an over weight and under nourished population. Today's foods are loaded with additives such as growth hormones and pesticides while our air is filled with hazardous gases.