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Memory Hack

by Alisa Princy (2019-12-26)

In our arguably youth-centred Memory Hack Review culture, exercising more cynicism, we may reflect and assume that there will indeed be scientific evidence for the negative stereotype but not the positive one. We may assume that the positive stereotype exists just to make older people feel better about their lot. But what we find in fact is that both stereotypes find support. That in some very important domains being older puts a person at an intellectual advantage. Cognition can be better in old age compared to young adulthood and being middle aged. There is a substantial body of scientific evidence that indicates that, yes, as we age many of our mental processes become less efficient - notably our fluid intelligence. For this reason, we recommend exercise, nutrition that stimulates neurogenesis (such as creatine), and brain training with the dual n-back exercise that specifically targets the fluid intelligence and short term memory neural circuitry this is most vulnerable to degeneration during aging. Having ADHD children around means one have to understand the nature of an ADHD patient. Being having to sit all day in the classroom is like being sitting in a torture chamber. It is understandable to let ADHD child to let off some steams after school is over, let them go out and play. There are several activities recommended for an ADHD child, which includes: Uniformed unit. E.g. Scout, Girls Guide, Red Crescent etc. Joining after school curricular such as this will help them to focus, high physical stimulation and at the same time having fun. Various learning styles, constant peer communication, close adult supervision and competition makes this activity the most fun and suitable for ADHD children. Sports and Gamesm Team sports encourage children with ADHD to discover social skill by working in a group. These kinds of activities provide team involvement and highly physical energy thus making it a great competitive activity but make sure the sports interest them. Puzzles and Building Blocks By letting them explore their ability and creativity, this will make them more focus. Most of ADHD children are known to love solving puzzles and quizzes. This will at the same time encourage and motive them to work things into completion.