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by Alisa Princy (2019-12-24)

Focus on health rather than Leptitox Review pounds. Dr. Kelly Brownell, Director of the YaleCenter for Eating and Weight Disorders reports that heavy people who are fit have lower risk of disease than thin people who are unfit. Focus on gratitude for your body rather than criticism. When you shower or bathe, take time to appreciate how every part of your body supports your life. Appreciate your strength, energy, stamina, mobility. If you give the qualities that are good and wonderful about your body attention, they will expand. Stop resisting and start accepting yourself. Focus on eating well and regularly rather than skimping or skipping meals. When you go for long periods without eating or restrict your calories, you gain weight. The body attempts to prevent starvation by retaining fat and lowering metabolism. Focus on quality rather than quantity. Eating foods with high nutritional value, fresh, organic, raw or lightly cooked reduces hunger. When I started using high quality foods and supplements, persistent hunger disappeared. Empty calories in junk, processed or micro waved foods do not nourish cells, so you are always hungry. Focus on realistic ease rather than rigid shoulds. What kind of healthy eating fits your lifestyle? When I'm hungry I need things that are quick to grab, and I love hor`derves. Raw veggie rollups, hummus and pita wedges, fruit chunks, almond butter on celery, veggie juices, smoothies, protein bars, and snack packs (nuts, raisins, seeds on the run) work great because they're easy, tasty, energizing and satisfying for me. What is your preferred eating pattern? What healthy, tasty, satisfying foods do you like? How can you make healthier choices that fit your life, so healthy eating is not a separate focus, like on again - off again dieting? To live a long, healthy life, focus on what you want to expand - health, mobility, energy - rather than what you don't want to expand - fat, weight, size.