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Fungus Eliminator

by Regina Fancy (2019-12-23)

Find out the cause. The first thing you should do is to find Fungus Eliminator Review out what causes the formation of corns on your feet. Check your shoes and see if it doesn't fit your size perfectly. If your shoes are the culprit, dispose them to avoid your skin from being aggravated. It is usually caused by the friction on your shoes and your skin. Identify what type of corn you have. Figure out the type of skin problem that appeared on your foot. There are three types of this foot skin problem: hard, soft and plantar. Hard corn is the most common type of this problem usually found on the fifth and third toe. If it is found between feet, they are called soft corns. Hard skin that forms at the bottom of your feet is called plantar. These three type of foot skin problems although they result to different degrees of pain, they are all annoying and needs removal.Figure out a way to prevent further skin damage. Once you found out the culprit that causes pain on your feet, think of ways on how you can prevent it. If you need to change shoes, then do it. You can try some simple skin treatment like applying lotions containing vitamin E, cocoa butter and other softening ingredients to aid and soften your foot's hardened skin. This prepares your skin for other treatment and possible corn removal method. Another way is to have a regular foot spa to cure your skin problem. Like applying lotion, it also eradicates dead skin cells and softens your problem area effectively.