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Keravita Pro

by Regina Fancy (2019-12-18)

You can try a brown sugar foot scrub to help relieve Keravita Pro Review dry feet. All you will need are brown sugar, uncooked oatmeal, honey, lemon juice, and olive oil. By simply mixing all these ingredients together, you can form a paste that can be put on your feet. Don't forget to run the oatmeal through a blender beforehand so that it is deduced to very fine pieces. Warm the mixture on your feet with warm water afterwards.Another easy foot scrub solution for dry feet is called sea salt foot scrub. You can use sea salt or table salt, uncooked cornmeal, and baby oil. The proportion of the ingredients should be watched, as too much cornmeal or baby oil in the mixture will ruin the effects. Run the feet with the mixture and leave it on for a few minutes. The same mixture can also be used on the rest of the body if you want to cleanse everything and get rid of clingy dry skin cells.The last foot scrub concoction would be a mixture of oatmeal, cornmeal, sea salt or table salt, aloe vera gel, and any lotion. As you massage the mixture on your feet, make sure to emphasize the area where the heels are, as skin tends to be thickest in this area. Also don't forget to use warm water afterwards so that your skin will be moist and soft and no hard skin cells will be left behind.Foot scrubs can help keep dry feet at bay, but if it has already gotten too far, you might need more help than that. If you think that your condition needs more than a regular foot scrub session at home, you should already use an effective foot cream to stop the problem from getting worse. Do not wait before it's too late to do something about your feet. You have to do it now while the pain brought about by the problem is still not that hard to bear.