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by Regina Fancy (2019-12-02)

Prayer If we ask anything from God, it will be Individualogist Review given to us provided we are not asking for the wrong reasons. Prayer is a secret to receiving our heart desires from above. If we persistently pray unto our creator from a sincere heart, the answers will eventually come. One must however ensure that anything that can hinder answers to your prayers have been dealt with, before going to him in supplication. Knowledge It is your insight into the truth that determines the extent of the release of his blessings upon your life. The bible declares: "my people are destroyed for lack of Knowledge". You are still the way you are because you lack the knowledge to activate the covenant blessings of God. If a man is holding the key to a room full of variety of food, he will still die of hunger if he does not know what to do with the key he is holding. Everything we need to succeed in life has already been created for our use all we need is the knowledge to make maximum use of these precious blessings. Be actively involved in the things of God When we joyfully engage ourselves in the house of God, doing one thing or the other, he takes delight in us and opens the windows of heaven to pour us riches from above. Waiting for God to move when you are not moving is to remain in perpetual slavery in the midst of abundance. He takes pleasure in what we do to move his kingdom forward.Both of the realities above are worlds apart, even though they're both examples of 'faith'. It might be fair to say that an expression of good faith is the applied trust to do something in the belief (i.e. without evidence of assurance) that it is the right thing to do, without experiencing first the promise of the hoped-for outcome. Of course, that must come later.