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Backyard Revolution

by Regina Fancy (2019-11-28)

Trying to do this with a regular generator would Backyard Revolution Review be very unwise since the cost of the gasoline to power the generator would cost more than the actual electricity itself. It is however possible with a Zero Point Magnetic Generator because these use magnets as a main power source How does it work Anyone that has ever held two magnets next to each other will be aware of their powerful magnetic field, that is what makes them pull together or push apart, a magnetic generator harnesses this power by placing magnets on and around its turbine, so that one side will constantly be pushed down, while the other is pushed up forcing it to spin without stop, every time the turbine spins more electricity is created. Where can I get a generator? There are many guides out there that can teach you how to build your own, a good quality guide will contain pictures and step by step instructions that really makes this an easy project for anyone. Due to the power source being magnets it is a very simple design. A home built generator usually costs between 60-90 dollars to make and all the parts can be found at a local hardware store. What is a Permanent Magnetic Generator? A Permanent Magnetic Generator is a generator that can be hooked up to a house in order to supply it with extra electricity. This will result in much lower energy bills, people that do this report a savings between 50%-100% on every energy bill each month. With a normal generator this would be a very bad idea since the gasoline for the generator would cost more than the electricity would but a Permanent Magnetic Generator does not require gasoline in order to run, instead it will harness the power within a magnets magnetic field in order to keep itself running.