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Overnight Millionaire System

by Regina Fancy (2019-11-27)

Our experience of failure, past or present, has a huge Overnight Millionaire System Review influence on how we actually understand the world and the template that influences our thinking and our decision-making. We can use this template to be Self-motivating or Self-defeating, challenging or inspiring It is very easy to use past failures as the main influences on present choices.Recurring themes of failure are evident when the template of choice remains rooted in a thought system where failure, disappointment and frustration are the main influences. Letting go of the past is a primary step in determining a far more successful and fulfilling future.If something you have used consistently doesn't work, stop using it. If your past template for decision-making is keeping you in a limiting loop then stop using that template.To apply this principle to a relationship of any nature we can look at the recurring theme of failure and then justify it by reasoning why the relationship didn't succeed. We can always find a reason why the business meeting went wrong, why the sale didn't happen, why the love affair ended.It is never hard to find tags of failure to attach to any situation.They are usually accompanied by the by-line 'it was not my fault'. This is the common misperception that everything is outside our control and therefore not our fault; all reasoned by our acceptance of failure, based on the decision-making influences that are coming from our past.I have often heard expressions such as 'knowing my luck, it'll go wrong' or 'if I had ducks, they'd drown'. This becomes an acceptance of 'what can go wrong will go wrong', rather than even an attempt to somehow change old patterns and find a new focus of Self-confidence.