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Backyard Revolution

by Regina Fancy (2019-11-12)

Magnetic generators are being promoted as the future Backyard Revolution Review in alternative energy. Advocates claim that the average homeowner, using household tools and materials from the local hardware store, can in very little time build a magnet generator that replaces up to 50 percent of a home's electrical needs. Can you really build such a generator and will it reduce your electric bill by 50 percent?Free energy from a simple to construct generator sounds really good, doesn't it? I found that Magniworks is the leading seller of magnet generator plans on the Internet. I down loaded a copy of their 57 page e-book and could not wait to get started. After all, I am reasonably handy and have built quite a few DIY projects. Here is what I found in the Magniworks plans.Much of the 57 pages are filler. Only 13 pages are devoted to the actual building of the generator. Another 6 pages are FAQs. That's a total of 19 pages out of 57 that are instructions. The other 36 pages deal with simple energy saving tips and how we need to develop energy alternatives. In addition, much of the instructions are poorly written. For example, most DIY projects will have a materials list separate from the actual instructions. Here you have to assemble your own list after reading through the assembly instructions.