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Law Firm PR - Power of Public Relations

by Dillon Markham (2020-09-26)

We all understand the benefits of marketing.
If no one knows about you, you can have the best product or service in the world, but no one will come and you won't make a dime. In fact, without advertising and reaching out to the public, it is very likely the aforementioned case would hold true.

That is where the power of public relations comes in and in the legal profession; it can make a great deal of difference.

Law firm pr is a great tool and approach to dealing with the fundamental issue of business, how to get customers and clients to buy or purchase whatever you are selling. When it comes to law firms, the objective I just mentioned is just as valid and important as say a software manufacturer.
However, the strategies will vary, as the product is different, and thus requires different techniques. So what exactly does law firm pr do for a law firm and is it worth it?

Law firm pr is at it's core a marketing campaign. This campaign if you will, is designed to attract new clients, maintain relationships with current and past customers and improve stature among the legal profession as some of the sharpest minds in law.

Sounds simple enough, but doing this tastefully and efficiently requires a good amount of resources and more importantly time.

Dealing with legal issues is time consuming and at Makovsky + Company, we understand that. If you decide to partner with us and pursue a law firm pr campaign, we will start by evaluating your options and determining what course of action is most suited to your firm.

If you have any thoughts regarding exactly where and how to use Our Firm, you can make contact with us at our own web-site. From there, we will begin to implement the plan, making adjustments as the market and goals shift and change. What we do can be broken down into few categories, but essentially we will be targeting new clients for your specialties, reaching out to existing and former clients, managing your image in the legal world through opinion pieces and improving your general image amongst the public at large.

You may be thinking that if that is all law firm pr is, we can handle it, but you will be competing against masters at law firm pr, who have a very intimate knowledge of what makes for a good law firm pr campaign. We at Makovsky + Company are one of those public relations firms with a good grasp on how to make and run an effective law firm pr strategy.

For over 30 years, we have been forging a dynamic group of people with expertise in many areas of marketing, public relations and have gained expertise in areas such as healthcare, law and high tech industries. In all fairness, competing against a firm like us, would be like going to trial against a very good lawyer, and not being one yourself.

Having a law firm pr company handle your public relations frees up time and resources to focus on dealing with your clients and allows us to help you bring in more clients and improve your visibility.

So if you want more clients and a better public image, contact us at Makovsky + Company, the law firm pr experts.

Kevin Waddel is a free lance writer.

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