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Prince Harry and Ryan Giggs win latest round of phone hacking fight

by Wendy Brubaker (2020-03-27)

Prince Harry, Ray Winstone and Ryan Giggs have won their latest High Court fight against over phone hacking.

Lawyers for the Mirror Group Newspapers (MGN) argued that allegations their legal department was aware of the widespread use of unlawful information gathering techniques should be struck off.

But Mr Justice Mann ruled that claims relating to allegations about what the department knew could be aired during the trial.

Prince Harry (pictured yesterday with Meghan Markle) is on a list of claimants against the Mirror Group Newspapers over phone hacking

During court proceedings today at the High Court in London, MGN also lost arguments relating to aspects of the case presented by celebrities.

The judge, who had analysed arguments at a hearing in January, said litigants had managed to 'see off' a 'serious attack' on the way they presented their case.

Prince Harry's name features on a list of claimants along with actor Ray Winstone, former Manchester United footballer Ryan Giggs, and media personality Chantelle Houghton.





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Lawyers said the Daily Mirror, the Sunday Mirror and the Sunday people are all facing claims. 

MGN owned the newspaper titles at the time the alleged activities took place, but a group called Reach has since taken control.

Actor Ray Winstone and second when the insurance companies tries to limit their settlement with sneaky tactics meant to keep money in their pockets and out of yours. former Manchester United footballer Ryan Giggs are also on the list