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Ultra Luxury Residential in Kolkata For Better Quality of Life

by Yukiko Coward (2020-03-07)

Interested to look for an ultra luxury residential in Kolkata, which would promise a great blend of comfort, grandeur and opulence? Then check out some of the coolest residential properties in town, properties which come with best-in-class amenities and advanced features. While facilities such as top-of-the-range gymnasiums and spas are commonplace nowadays, the builders are leaving no stone unturned to add unique features which make living absolutely magnificent and stylish.

Every real estate developer, these days, is focusing on creating homes which are innovative, functional, and of course, aesthetic. They are coming up with real estate designs which offer added comfort and plushness. Having said this, it is also true that plushness and comfort are not the only factors required for luxurious apartments. It is the coming together of a number of factors, such as, the right design, the right location, the right spaciousness, the right neighbourhood and even the right number of apartments in a property. The mix of all these factors create the most exclusive real estate properties.

When it comes to designing lavish and swanky interiors, a lot depends on how dramatic are the walls and furnishings. Some want royal touches and designs, while the others prefer minimalism. It all depends on the preferences and tastes of each customer. The designers add personalised touches to the interiors, to enhance the overall style of the decor.

Design is a lot about adorning the little corners of your rooms. Right from installing miniature circuit breakers to using modular switches to incorporating aluminium frames with fully glazed shutters for windows, luxury homes these days come with most of these. Developers and designers are also opting for low VOC paints for the walls, beautiful porcelain fittings, eye-catching ceramics for doors and even weather-proof non-fading exterior finishes. Top-notch products, exclusive home fittings and eco-friendly amenities, help in creating amazing residential properties.

Nowadays, the team of designers, architects, builders, contractors and home owners, get together to create a piece of art, that's almost like a magic. Attractive water bodies, walking trails and well-designed landscaped greens are some of the features which take the beauty of residential properties a notch higher.

To add to that, leading-edge eco-friendly tools and machines, such as water-filtration plants, waste-water recycling devices and rainwater harvesting systems are facilities which ensure environment protection. These tools help keep the air clean and pollution-free. Such environment friendly measures help the real estate builders comply with the guidelines for constructing green buildings. Such buildings and properties are resource-efficient, in terms of their design, construction, maintenance and renovation.

In fact, nowadays, builders are also coming up with carbon-dioxide monitoring sensors, humidification control devices and unique power-backup systems. Such measures assure good health and comfort to the home owners. The best part is that with green initiatives, the residents not only get the chance to indulge in a lavish lifestyle but also a healthy lifestyle.

Should you have just about any questions about where by along with tips on how to work with Natural and Engineered Stone surfaces for indoor and exterior applications. Products include Granite, it is possible to call us on the site. THE 42, in Kolkata, is one such ultra luxurious residential property, which promises grandeur and magnificence like no other. It is for people to experience these apartments to believe what true luxury is all about.

THE 42 is an ultra luxury residential in Kolkata, which comes with top-of-the-range facilities and amenities. There are several luxury apartments in India, like THE 42, which boast of such top-class facilities and eco-friendly designs, and reinforce the idea of responsible luxury living.