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Chanel Charm Is Down

by Alta Denison (2020-02-04)

loading-dudes-transparent.gifWhile here in the Western world, many of us still get together for love, but we love life will often be a need, desire, preferences contamination - want to grab a can in a good location to buy us a house, and let us have children when there Nengli resignation (of course, he must also great sense of humor, but also in private, or any of the crazy comedy is difficult to resist in our view, a lasting, enduring things Baoyou love) man. Chanel have had a wonderful love - she was so wonderful that they are lucky since; that some people (even those who have a very successful marriage of people) never experienced. After about 1905 years ago, Chanel met Bowie? Kabo, when she was in the "royal way" of life for years. When the Kabo The vibrant British polo players (also Bale Song of old friends), one day to visit his horse, he was immediately knocked out the charm of Chanel. This is the ambition of indifferent Bale Song Chanel completely different - Bale Song not have given her funny hat business enough to support it? - But Kabo will listen carefully, she said, he was fascinated by her. Kabo is a familiar ways of the world's people, as industrialists from Newcastle Wales, he earned through the export of coal a small fortune, and in the First World War, due to the Allied supply of fuel, he will make more money. Bale Song's friends and all the rest of a landed aristocracy, feel like the love of play Kabo love the people who work very strange.

He was handsome and charming, not as many as in the photo do not look attractive on weekdays in the history of celebrities (when they are on the mirror is too thin not too fat, or a ramp-what the eye lens is too harsh, so much needed for a digital image guidance), photos of Kabo hair color deep and 모바일 게임 muscular, looked very sexy, will be reminiscent of Colin? Farrell, or the movie "Atonement" in the James? McAvoy (this point clearly necessary, because McAvoy in "The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe" sheep who played really good too creepy Mr. Du Na) . According to legend Chanel, one night in the "royal land" in the living room, Chanel gave Bale Song steering Kabo. At that time the three of them are enjoying port wine, the role of alcohol under the attention and Kabo, Chanel courage to propose to open a boutique lady. At that time she has an apartment in Paris Bale Song production and sale of hats, but she wanted to expand her business. Bale Song in rolling his eyes, for Chanel not satisfied with what you've got something, he was very tired. Kabo is blaming him, arguing that Chanel brilliant, sharp and that she have the capacity to a business flourished. He has been falling in love. Cheap Handbags On Sale is the turn of a gentle and polite French way be achieved. Some versions say that Bale Song in his two horses to win at Canterbury Chelmsford, after losing interest in her, and he therefore felt cheerful mood; also some version of that, Bale Song suddenly feel the need to Some polo side of it to go and a trip to Argentina, and when he left, Chanel, and Kabo go to Paris (in this version, Bale Song symbolically sent a lemon for Chanel bags and when she opened the bag, when are broken inside the lemon.)

Chanel Banquet Handbags themselves in the description of these things, not pushed under the so-called exchange of alcohol. On the contrary, in her version, Bale Song hope to help her break up the monotony, so invited her to wave the city (it was near the Spanish border on the Pyrenees, a plateau grassland) fox hunting. There, she was madly in love with Kabo - was wearing a red hunting jacket of Kabo, riding on his thoroughbred Arab horse jump right away, high-spirited. He is also the same for her crazy. They will keep Touliu Chu during the hunt to go riding together and flying in the green hills, Chanel Coco Cocoon Handbags crossed streams, Yamaha, of course, also fall in love with. The end of this journey, in that Kabo the train left the station after a time, Chanel is not clear whether it will accept her Kabo, leaving everything to the station to wait for Kabo. When he saw her, he greeted her with open arms, they finally integrated.

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