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2019 Tesla Model S review: Familiar, yet oh so much better

by Clement Winburn (2020-07-26)

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Model S

2019 Tesla Model S Long Range


The Model S is more than a familiar face at this point. The early concept version rolled out way back in 2009, while the production car first hit the road in 2012. Since then, other than a little nip and tuck in 2016, the car has remained visually unchanged. That's a long time for any car to stand still, but in the luxury sedan market, where the prevalence of short-term leases reflects the constant desire for something fresh, seven years is an absolute eternity.

But you know what they say about judging a book by its cover. The 2019 Tesla Model S Long Range you see here rolled into my life with some significant changes under the familiar skin, including new suspension, a new motor and all sorts of wonderful new software updates to bring it all together. The net result is a car with an amazing 370 miles of range, but that's just the beginning.