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Hostgator Reviews and Coupon Codes

by VPS Web Hosting (2020-09-17)

HostGator vs BlueHost> Ease of Use In regular cases, the management of websites and hosting accounts requires some technical know-how. Therefore, BlueHost and HostGator include a free cPanel within their hosting packages. This control panel is the most user-friendly one in the whole field, which will help users a lot in managing their domains, emails, databases, and more in an effortless manner. Read this full Hostgator Review article! Besides, the two companies offer a 1-click installer that supports hundreds of the most popular open source applications over the web. With the help of this 1-click installer, users are granted with the capability to install WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, Magento, and more within few clicks. HostGator VS BlueHost> Hosting Security As the web hosting providers, both HostGator and BlueHost should pay attention to the hosting security so that prevent you from the potential dangers effectively. For instance, the backup service is offered so that your website can be backed up regularly. Once you need the backup file for restoration, you can contact their support teams. BlueHost, in particular, provides the SiteBackup Pro service for free for the Prime plan, which ensures the much better and more convenient backup service. As for HostGator, they provide the free dedicated IP address and free SSL certificate for their Business plan. The former feature gives you the unique static IP while the latter feature acts as the secure layer between your site and your visitors for information delivery. In addition, some common security features like SSH access, Password Protection, Hotlink Protection are also offered by both of them. HostGator VS BlueHost> Performance Both HostGator and BlueHost web hosting are the unlimited web hosting services, but the thing that really surprises us is that the BlueHost uses the CPU Segregation technology to intelligently limit the CPU usage and memory allocation for every shared account to protect the over-usage of bad users. BlueHost is not only a company that simply resells servers, but have a large development team and investing millions of USD on developing new technology in every year. With the better focus and investment, BlueHost ensures the faster performance than most web hosts in the market. As for HostGator, their hosting service is also of the excellent performance. We have reviewed their network information and have found the following efforts they have made. 
  • There are two top-tier data centers used by them, which are located in Houston, TX and Provo, UT, far from the natural disaster areas.
  • The Houston data center features 300,000 square feet, along with the highly redundant systems for the UPS battery and diesel generators, raised floor design with HVAC system, 24/7 staff monitoring, power distribution units and many more.
  • The Provo data center features 8,500 square feet, coming with the truly energy efficient design and PUE under 1.2. In addition, this data center also features with the redundant infrastructure using the dual segregated transformers, N + 1 diesel generator, 750 KW battery units and more.
  • With the latest technologies offered by Level 3, SuperMicro, Cisco and many more, HostGator ensures the fully redundant network.


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