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Camouflaged owl is peeved as it is briefly awoken by photographer

by Meghan Budd (2020-07-27)


This is the moment a photographer ruffled an owl's feathers by waking it up with the sound of his camera shutter.

André Lanouette, 60, disturbed the bird as it snoozed peacefully - watching it open one eye to look at him before nodding back off in Quebec, Canada.

The eastern-screech owl clearly didn't want to be disturbed as it picked the perfect spot to get some shut-eye, camouflaging itself in the hollow of a tree.

The owl was perfectly camouflaged as it tried to get a little bit of shut-eye inside the hollow of a tree

'Excuse me, some of us are trying to get some rest round here!' The eastern-screen owl clearly didn't want to be disturbed as it picked the perfect spot

The owl made it perfectly clear that it did not want its siesta to be further interrupted 

But despite looking annoyed about the sudden wake-up call, the owl was quick to close its eyes again and continue its afternoon nap.

André said: 'It heard the click of my camera and it opened one eye only.

'It looked annoyed but closed its eyes immediately after seeing who was there.

The 2015 photos showed how the owl is a master of disguise, blending in perfectly with the bark and wood encasing of the Floridian wild

Three Eastern screech owlets huddle together in disguise as their parents hunt for prey in Florida in pictures taken from 2015

'He didn't open them again and carried on with his siesta.'

André spotted the owl while walking through the Parc Angrignon, Montréal in Quebec last week.


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The park, which contains 20,000 trees, winding paths and a pond surrounded by cattails, was inspired by the design of 19th-century English gardens.

'I didn't immediately see it because it was so well camouflaged,' said André.

'It was about 25 feet up the tree.

'A regular to the park pointed it out to me after seeing it a few days earlier.

'I think it is used to hearing and seeing people go by but didn't look like it wanted to be disturbed at this point.'

Alhough famed for its mastery of the art of camouflage, the screech owl is also known for its low-pitched hoots and howls which give it its name