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Victim led to his death by teenage drug dealers

by Marisa Norman (2020-06-23)

A haunting photograph has captured the moment a busker was led to his death by drug dealers who savagely tortured him and left him to die.

A concerned member of the public took the chilling photo showing Paul Pass and his friend Mark Andrews being kidnapped by Abdulmalik Adua, 17, and Rezwan Islam, 19, following a row over drugs. 

Just one hour later, Mr Pass was dead after being stabbed in a main artery and beaten with a guitar so ferociously the wood splintered. 

In the same sickening and brutal ordeal, Mr Andrews was made to drink his own urine and had washing up liquid forced down his throat before he managed to escape and dial 999.

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A concerned member of the public took this haunting photograph, showing Paul Pass and Mark Andrews led away by Abdulmalik Adua and Rezwan Islam

From left, Rezwan Islam, Abdulmalik Adua and Bilal Ebrahim Moosajee, subjected their victims to sickening abuse 

The gang targeted Paul, 49, and plied him with drugs in exchange for taking over his home - part of a nationwide crimewave dubbed 'cuckooing', which keeps dealers off the streets and away from the public eye.

The vulnerable addicts had been lured to a supermarket in Gloucester to meet the dealers, who offered to sell them drugs.

Three of Paul's friends could see he was being exploited by the pair so robbed Adua, from Woolwich, London, and Islam, from Gloucester, of drugs and cash in an attempt to reclaim his flat. 

But they did not realise the lengths the furious dealers would then go to to take revenge.

Adua and Islam attacked and robbed the men and the following day Islam met Bilal Ebrahim Moosajee, 19.

They lured Paul and Mark to meet them under the pretence of supplying them with more drugs.

The court heard they stamped out a burning cigarette on Mark's face before stabbing him in the hand.  

Paul's acoustic guitar was smashed over his head and he was stabbed in the leg, severing an artery and bleeding to death within an hour.

The trio stole Mark's mobile phone but he managed to escape to a payphone and dial 999, but by the time paramedics arrived, his friend had died.  

The thugs targeted Paul Pass, 49, and plied him with drugs in exchange for taking over his home

Moosajee admitted kidnap and manslaughter but Adua and Islam denied charges of murder, supplying Class A drugs and GBH.

Islam also faced charges of kidnap and robbery, and a jury convicted the evil pair of everything brought against them after a trial at Bristol Crown Court. 

Detective Chief Inspector Julie Mackay told the court members of the community were instrumental in bringing the trio to justice, as people came forward with vital information following an appeal. 





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She also described the horrific scene in Mr Pass' flat and the huge investigation involving 100 officers from three counties.

'It was a very bloody and tragic scene. Straight away you could see this was a very vulnerable man,' she said.

'Immediately I wanted to know why did he have to die like this? They were both subjected to a horrible ordeal.'

Abdulmalik Adua and Rezwan Islam were caught on CCTV outside Paulk Pass' flat

DCI Mackay added: 'We should be very clear that Paul Pass was a vulnerable drug user who was ruthlessly exploited and brutally killed by serious and organised criminals who had no hesitation in resorting to extreme violence.

'Paul's friends wanted to reclaim his flat because they realised he was being taken advantage of. 

'What they didn't realise was the lengths to which the people they stole from with were willing to go and judi poker aduq the consequences it would bring.

'The fact Paul Pass and Mark Andrews were willing to meet up with Islam and Moosajee the day after the theft in the hope of scoring more drugs shows how dependent and vulnerable to exploitation they were.

'What happened next was horrific. Adua and Islam tortured the victims and made showed absolutely no concern for the condition they left the men in, Adua simply commenting that he wished Paul would die.

The trio could be seen wearing hoodies as they stood outside Mr Pass' home 

'I was really encouraged by the reaction of the public in the area of Paul's home during our investigation and the help we received from witnesses.

'I understand that where drugs are concerned people may not want to get involved but as a society we should not turn a blind eye to this - the criminals coming into our county can cause serious issues for everyone.' 

The three teenagers will be sentenced at a later date.