Twenty years of Comparative Education in Spain : a review of publications in the 1994-2014 period

Inmaculada Egido


On the twentieth anniversary of Spanish Comparative Education Society (Sociedad Española de Educación Comparada, SEEC), this article presents a brief review of the publications of Spanish researchers in Comparative Education in the 1994-2014 period. After some details about the procedure used to select the publications reviewed, the books and articles published in indexed journals are organized around broad thematic areas based on their content, trying to reflect the interests of researchers along these two decades. There are six thematic areas: foundations of the discipline and analysis of its development in Spain; comparative studies about educational systems; international organizations and supranational policies of education, educational performance evaluations; child rights and development cooperation; and miscellaneous works. Finally, the article formulates some considerations on the bibliographical production of the analysed period.




comparative education; history; literature review; content analysis



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