Institutions and people : the Spanish Comparative Education Society 2002-2006


  • Diego Sevilla



comparative education, academic associations, academic journals


Professor Ferran Ferrer’s presidency lasted from the 22th of November 2002 until the 8th of August 2006. During this period, life within the society was conditioned by his great abilities, which allowed him to direct the society with remarkable efficiency and help to improve teaching and research regards all its members within this field. Among the actions undertaken during this period, especially worth of mentioning are the publication of the Spanish Journal of Comparative Education also in digital format, the celebration of two National Congresses dealing with the studying of the Convergences in Higher Education and the Right to Education in a Globalized World, the participation of the members of the Society in European and World Congresses, the quality and the communicative strength of the Spanish Society of Comparative Education Journal, which was published by Joan María Senet Sanchez and María Jesús Martínez Usarralde and the putting in operation of the Pedro Roselló price.





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Sevilla, D. (2014). Institutions and people : the Spanish Comparative Education Society 2002-2006. Revista Española De Educación Comparada, (24), 71–82.



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