New School vs. Indigenous Education in Colombia : Two pedagogical models in contrast

Miguel Á. Martín, William García


We intend to call into question two educational approaches, the New School and Indigenous Education as contrasting pedagogical models, through which attempts have been made in recent years to address educational issues schooled in indigenous areas of the Department of Cauca, Colombia. The New School as a government proposal in rural Colombian and Indigenous Education, socio alternatively by indigenous social movements in Cauca and in the country, educational models in contrast are used as similar. Some elements of order sociopedagogical help point out the objective possibilities of implementing such educational policies in Cauca indigenous areas, which is important to the cultural construction of Colombia. The work is organized through the analysis and comparison of the policy implications of each proposal and teaching, starting from the rise as educational projects, with certain special pedagogical each, and trying to locate them in the socio-political and historical country which will characterize the influences and ideas that currently underlie their approaches.



Colombia; New School; Indigenous Education; politics; culture



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