Journal History

The Revista Española de Educación Comparada (REEC) was first published in 1995 with the vocation of serving as scientific media of expression of the members which compose the Sociedad Española de Educación Comparada. The REEC is, nevertheless and naturally, open to the contribution to all those comparatists, Spanish or foreign, which wish to diffuse the results of their most recent studies or researches.

With an initial periodicity of one volume per year (currently the periodicity is of two volumes per year), the REEC includes a fixed series of sections, among which it is particularly relevant its Monographic Section, devoted to a specific theme particularly relevant to the field of Comparative Education in each moment. Apart from the Monographic Section, there is another one of Analysis and Researches, devoted to the reception of articles that, without being directly related to the Monographic Section, merit to be included in the journal, due to their novelty or relevance.  After these two sections, which occupy the biggest part of the Journal, there are two more: one is devoted to the documentation (mostly legislative) on the educational reforms that are for the time being approved in the different countries, and another one devoted to the critical analysis of book reviews, that aims to reflect the most relevant and updated publications that have been published in the field of Comparative Education in between the period of delay of each number.

The REEC is jointly edited by the UNED and by the SEEC, with the support of the university departments more devoted to the comparative academic field. The REEC seeks to serve to the development of this scientific interdisciplinary field, and also to contribute to the best knowledge, in the part of the Spanish professionals of education, of the educational realities which surround us, in a world increasingly globalised and in which mutual knowledge is increasingly essential.

The REEC offers its pages and invites to the contribution on them to all those that, sharing its concerns, are interested in opening to the comparative and international studies in Spain an ever wide horizon.

To learn more about the history of REEC and SEEC you can visit issue 24 of our journal.