Call for pappers: CALL FOR PAPPERS 14TH

We announce the Call for Papers for Issue No 14 of the Journal Institutional Studies (Revista Estudios Institucionales). The forthcoming issue is about Ceremonial, Protocol and Public Relations in general. The deadline for papers is open until May, 1, 2021..

The Journal «Institutional Studies» is published by the Research Group History of Legal-Political Thought (GIHPJ-P), consolidated group of the UNED, with the collaboration of the Society for Institutional Studies, with the purpose of spreading the knowledge of Institutions, whatever their field of material, temporal or geographical specialization.

Its characteristic of online publication is in accordance with the purpose of the collaborating Society - the dissemination of knowledge in institutional matters - and nothing better than the openness and immediacy provided by the internet to achieve its objectives. For this reason we want to bring together in these pages Historical, Legal, Political, Communicational, Protocol, Ceremonial, Relationship studies ... and any other point of view that allows the best knowledge of public and private, national or supranational institutions, although preference to European and Ibero-American areas. It is therefore a multidisciplinary journal, although the Research Group belongs to the Law School of the UNED.

This publication is open to all types of researchers, students, doctoral students, professors, associates and assistants. The aim is to offer a biannual publication that disseminates works of the highest quality and that serves at the same time as a reference for the scientific community of the advances being carried out by young researchers from universities around the world. Collaborators are invited to submit proposals in Spanish, Portuguese, French or English that deal with any area of the Institutions, in themselves or in relation to other specialties. The articles, which can be sent throughout the year in accordance with the edition rules, will be published on the magazine's WEB in pdf format, and will be available for an open online consultation. The magazine does not charge anything for the publication.

Priority areas of interest:

1. History

2. Law and institutions

3. Communication and Public Relations

4. Ceremonial and Protocol

We remind that the proposals (articles and books reviews) shall be presented via the Journal’s application placed under the following link:

Next, the template should be downloaded in the "About" - "Guidelines for authors" section. Items that do not come in the template will be rejected before being reviewed by the reviewers.

Simultaneously, we have the great pleasure to inform that Journal «Institutional Studies» has been included in DIALNET, BASE DE DATOS ISOC, LATINDEX (34 DE 36 CRITERIOS), DULCINEA, CLASIFICACIÓN CIRC, DOAJ, MIAR, SHERPA ROMEO y ERIHPLUS, DIALNET MÉTRICAS, and continues working to position itself in the best indexes and databases.